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Exclusive & Luxurious Maternity Gowns Hand Crafted In The UK


The Brand.


Welcome to Rosa Amour, Our brand is built around empowering women. We believe in championing pregnant women and inspiring confidence in their new, beautiful bodies. Our goal is to serve independent women all around the world by providing them with fashionable maternity clothing. We are an online fashion company that specialises in statement designs, accessible luxury, and an exceptional quality of clothing; for baby showers, photography and your occasions. 


At Rosa Amour, we craft exquisite maternity dresses, children’s attire, limited edition products and other goods entirely by hand, paying close attention to the details of each step of the process and since our aim is all about empowerment, our collections offer affordable price points for our customers.


Our made-to-order items are custom-made for you by our professionals according to the requirements that are specified in your purchase. We create and stock our products in our atelier based in the united kingdom, keeping our carbon foot print low. Our experts also buy limited edition fabrics to save on waste production which is fabulous for our clients as pieces are kept to a limited edition. Above all else, we place a high priority on developing an useful presence across all of our social media channels and do all in our power to provide each and every one of our clients with an experience that is both memorable and engaging.

Why Rosa Amour?

We differentiate ourselves from competing fashion companies by consistently providing our customers with high-quality goods at competitive pricing. Our gowns are made by hand by skilled professionals.


When it comes to creating high-quality merchandise, we exclusively use the finest materials and tools sourced locally.


Our constant attention to emerging styles allows us to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces especially for you.


Our professionals have worked in the fashion industry for years, and now they're bringing you high quality custom products.


We create unique, custom-designed bespoke items.


At Rosa amour, our in-house designers come up with concepts to fulfil the needs of photographers and pregnant moms by providing them with the clothing they want for special events and their wardrobes, in addition to other bespoke hand crafted products.

When you want something truly unique, bespoke-made only for you, and you place a order with us, we work with you to personalise the items so that it meets all of your requirements, and we also provide a specialised expedited service for those times when you need something urgently. Our bespoke and high-end dress collections are continually expanded with unique pieces. Find everything you require in one place, including the opportunity to have something made specifically for you to your specifications.

We want to help you make memories that will last a lifetime, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

Please get in touch with our designers directly for any bespoke orders at:

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